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Estate and Yard Sales

We really enjoy doing estate sales but we leave the large homes with expensive furnishings and artwork to the larger estate sale companies.  We enjoy doing the smaller estate sales from the apartment, townhome, condo or small home of your loved one(s).  We normally hold the estate sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday on site of the property.

We also offer to sell any items that were not sold during an estate sale at a warehouse we hold monthly multi-family yard sales at from March thru October, except August.  We are open from 9 am to 1 pm on a Friday and Saturday.  I send each client that we sold something for their money after each sale.  I try to sell those items that you didn't need any longer after we organized your home, room, the excess from estate sales and we also pick up new clients so it's a win win for all!

All sales are advertised in the Virginian Pilot Newspaper and on it's online ads the week of the sale and will be listed at the bottom of the ad "Presented by Professional & Personal Organizers of VA" so you will know it is one of our sales and we have good prices for the items for sale!  So keep your eye posted here for the next sale date!

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